Portable Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Unchained - PSP


Story: "For millennia I existed for one purpose to monitor the strength of the world's kombatants. My creator foresaw a time when warriors would become too powerful and threaten all of existence. I was to sound the call to awaken her sons when the apex was drawing near. Their actions would determine the fate of these superior kombatants and ultimately prevent Armageddon. It seems, however, that one brother has been prematurely revived. During my quest, I was overpowered by holy men who served Onaga. For ages I was bound by their sorcery and oblivious to the growing strength of Ki Chao warriors. Finally free, I have emerged to discover beings whose power and numbers exceed that which the realms can sustain. I have sounded the call. The sleeping brother will soon awaken."
(PSP version)
Status: Elemental
Alignment: Neutral
Origin: Edenia
Weight: ?
Height: ?
Fight Styles: Ninjitsu / Jeet Kune Do / Xing Yi
Weapon: None

Moves: Flame Ball: Away, Towatds, SQUARE
Flame Uppercut: Away, Down, Away, TRIANGLE
Flame Charge: Down, Towards, X
Finishers: None

Notes: 1: He has no weapon, but a third fighting style instead.
2: He has no fatality, hara-kiri or alternative costume.
Combos: None

"Blaze had completed the first of his duties. Soon he will begin the second: to lure warriors to the Final Battle. There they will challenge him, hoping to attain godlike power from his defeat."

"The arrogance of these warriors will be their downfall, for only a son of Edenia can unleash the true purpose of Blaze."

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