Portable Mortal Kombat
Arcade and PSP differences

Although advertised as featuring the Arcade versions of the first three Mortal Kombat games, the PSP versions on Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play have quite a few errors and glitches. This page will attempt to document as many of those differences as possible.

Note that these are only glitches specific to MAT, and are not glitches that are in the original Arcade games. For the PSP versions to be accurate, the games would need to contain everything the original has, even including the Arcade glitches.

All MK games are set on "free play", meaning there are no credit screens.

The "Goro lives" screen does not darken for the text. The Throne Room does not scroll as far to the right as it should. Stage music is turned down very low. All special moves are much louder then they should b. The courtyard music is turned down super low, making it almost silent. Kano’s victory yell has been replaced with Goro’s roar. Sonya should have separate jumping sounds for straight and diagonal jump, however both have been replaced by the sound of her attacking. Sonya only has one voice sample when being killed. Various intro screens are missing.

Random select is now Up+X. The game often appears to be dropping a lot of frames. Smoke and Jade cannot be accessed (there is no Start button to do the Smoke code, and the game freezes before the Jade fight). The clouds in the Tower stage are missing. The Tower stage does not scroll as far left and right as it should, and the floor does not scroll. Sounds seem to cut out towards the ending seconds of a match. Missing voice samples for the female characters (for example, when you uppercut them off the Pit II they don’t scream like they do in the Arcade version). Raiden only has one sound sample for his torpedo move (the other is missing). One sound effect is used for all kicks and punches (with the exclusion of uppercuts and throws, as opposed to every different basic move having its own sound effect). Some intro screens seem to be missing.

Random select is now Up+X. Various parts of the ending (where Shao Kahn explodes), the game freezes for half a second and the sound plays the wrong music. Randomly the game will freeze for a half second at the Pit 3 stage. Floors on the backgrounds no longer have their 3D scrolling effects. Kabal’s name is not announced on the character selection screen. Sound glitches when loading between fights (music from the previous stage will play before going into the proper stage music). Sounds are cut out every time new characters pop up for the ending character credits. Sindel’s ending, the word “year” is cut off to “ye”. Kabal’s ending cuts off after the line, “he will give”. Sub-Zero’s ending has the word “his” at the end on a new line.

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