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The Mortal Kombat Barcodzz handheld system is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: 1994
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: N/A
Notes: N/A

Characters: 5 (4 playable and 1 boss)
Finishers: None
Stages: 1 (The Courtyard)
Missing: 5 characters (Johnny Cage, Kano, Sonya, Shang Tsung, and Reptile)

MK1 Story:

The legend of the sacred Shaolin tournament is shrouded in mystery, but there are some who claim that it exists only to help the Shaolin Grand Master Shang Tsung maintain his immortality. It seems that with the help of his powerful servant Goro, he is able to feed on the souls of his defeated opponents.

Now four mighty Kombatants return to the tournament. They have no love for one another, but they do all have one common goal: defeat Goro and put an end to Shang Tsung's reign.

Each warrior has trained for this test of might, and each brings unique skills and Kombat techniques. Are you prepared for Sub-Zero's Ice Blast or Liu Kang's Fireball? Can you face the challenge of Scorpion's deadly Spear and Cord abd Rayden's Lightning Force? If you are able, you just may find yourself in Goro's lair. Remember.... you have been warned.

(1) If you picked a character on the Right side, then you'll fight Rayden, Liu Kang, and Goro. If you picked a character on the Left side, then you'll fight Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Goro.
(2) The only way to finish off your opponent is by performing that character's fireball move after it says finish him.
(3) You must beat your opponent in 2 of the 3 bouts to advance to the next round.
(4) After the first 2 characters (or rounds) you'll always fight Goro last.
(5) Use the Barcodzz cards for Mode 2 and 3.

Point System:
- 40 Points for a NORMAL attack - 100 Points for a SPECIAL MOVE - 200 Points for a "POWER UP" SPECIAL MOVE - 500 Points for "FINISHING" an opponent - 1000 Points for winning a round (You will lose 20 points every time you are hit by your opponent.)

Basic Moves:
ON/START = To turn on unit. To start the game. To start each round. To skip barcode insertion
SELECT = To select GAME MODE 1,2, or 3. To select FIGHTER.
SOUND = to control sound on/off
OFF = To turn off the unit.
PUNCH(H) = perform a high punch
PUNCH(L) = perform a low punch
KICK(H)= perform a high kick
KICK(L)= perform a low kick
UP = To jump up
DOWN = To move down after jumping up. To dodge attack. To kneel down.
RIGHT = To move right. To block opponents attacking from the left
LEFT = To move left. To block opponents attacking from the right

Sub-Zero Moves:
Fast Kick: DOWN + LOW KICK

Liu Kang:
Fast Kick: DOWN + LOW KICK

Fast Kick: DOWN + LOW KICK

Spear and Cord: RIGHT, LEFT + LOW PUNCH
Fast Kick: DOWN + LOW KICK

Chest Pound

Goro is not a playable character.

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