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Mortal Kombat 3 for the GameGear is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: Circa 1995
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: None (no VRC rating either)
Notes: Not released in North America. Motaro is listed in the manual, but is not in the actual game.

Characters: 11 (8 playable, 2 secret, and 1 boss)
Finishers: 1 Fatality and 1 Babality per character (excluding boss)
Stages: 5 (Pit 3, Bridge, Subway, Temple, and Bell Tower) - Pictures
Missing: 7 characters (Jax, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Stryker, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, and Motaro).

MK3 Story: "You have been chosen to represent Earth in Mortal Kombat. Be warned. For although your souls are safe from Shao Kahn's evil, your lives are not. I can no longer interfere, as your Earth is now ruled by the Outworld gods." ...These are the words of Rayden

For centuries Earth has used Mortal Kombat to defend itself against the Outworld's Emperor, Shao Kahn. But Kahn grows frustrated by failed attempts to take Earth through Tournament battle. He enacts a plan which began 10,000 years ago.

During that time Shao Kahn had a Queen. Her name was Sindel, and her early death was unexpected. Kahn's shadow priests, led by Shang Tsung, made it so Sindel's spirit would someday be reborn: not on the Outworld, but on the Earth Realm itself. This unholy act gives Shao Kahn the power to step through the dimensional gates and reclaim his Queen, thus enabling him to finally seize the Earth Realm. Upon breaching the portal into Earth, Shao Kahn slowly transforms the planet into a part of the Outworld. He strips the Earth of all human life: claiming every soul as his own. But there are souls which Kahn cannot take. These souls belong to the Warriors chosen to represent Earth in a new Mortal Kombat. The remaining humans are scattered throughout the planet. Shao Kahn sends and army of fierce Outworld Warriors to find and eliminate them. Some of Earth's Warriors survive the attacks. Most do not, but the remaining few hold the one chance at saving all of human kind...

Regular Characters:
Secret Characters:
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot

Boss Characters:
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn

Kombat Codes:
Note 1: The codes with just "..."s have not been found yet. But the names of them have been found in the hex codes of the rom.
Note 2: The names were copied word-for-word from the hex codes and game.
= 0

= 1

= 2

= 3

= 4

= 5

= 6

= 7

= 8

= 9

      192234 -- Smoke Activated
688422 -- Dark Kombat
020020 -- Disable Block
987123 -- Disable Panel
100100 -- Disable Throws
007000 -- Double Hit Power for Player 1
000007 -- Double Hit Power for Player 2
033564 -- Fight Shao Kahn
769342 -- Fight Noob Saibot
205205 -- Fight Smoke
033000 -- Half Energy Player 1
000033 -- Half Energy Player 2
707000 -- Quarter Energy Player 1
000707 -- Quarter Energy Player 2
985125 -- Psycho Kombat
466466 -- Unlimited Run
783343 -- Fight As Shao Kahn
666111 -- Level Select Activated
.. . . . . . -- Randper Kombat - (460460 and 333333 does not work)

Random Select:
At the character select screen, hold Up and press Start, and the computer will randomly choose your character.

Action Replay Codes:
00D355:XX Player 1 Modifier
00D356:XX Player 2 Modifier
    00 Sindel
    01 Sektor
    02 Kabal
    03 Sheeva
    04 Smoke
    05 Sub-Zero
    06 Kano
    07 Sonya
    08 Cyrax
    09 Shao Kahn
00CEE1:XX Battleplan Modifier (Novice/Warrior/Master)
    01 Battle 1 (Kano/Kano/Kabal)
    02 Battle 2 (Sonya/Sindel/Sektor)
    03 Battle 3 (Kabal/Cyrax)
    04 Battle 4 (Sindel/Sheeva/Sheeva)
    05 Battle 5 (Shao Kahn/Kabal/Sub-Zero)
    06 Battle 6 (Sektor/Sonya) (Master and Warrior only)
    07 Battle 7 (Shao Kahn/Cyrax) (Master and Warrior only)
    08 Battle 8 (Sindel) (Master only)
    09 Battle 9 (Shao Kahn) (Master only)
00D39A:XX Background Modifier
    00 The Bell Tower
    01 The Bridge
    02 The Pit
    03 The Temple
    04 The Subway
00D2BE:XX Finishing Message Modifier
    00 No Message
    01 Fatality Message
    02 Babality Message
00D25E:99 Unlimited Time
00D2F8:05 Unlimited Continues
00D2B1:38 Infinite Energy Player 1
00d2B2:38 Infinite Energy Player 2
00CE9F:01 Smoke Activated
00CEA0:01 Disable Throws
00CEA1:01 Disable Block
00CEA2:01 Disable Panel
00CEA3:01 Half Energy Player 1
00CEA4:01 Half Energy Player 2
00CEA5:01 Quarter Energy Player 1
00CEA6:01 Quarter Energy Player 2
00CEA7:01 Dark Kombat
00CEA9:01 Psycho Kombat
00CEAA:01 Unlimited Run
00CEAB:01 P2 is Shao Kahn
00CEAC:01 Fight Smoke (P1 is Smoke in 2-player game)
00CEAD:01 Fight Noob Saibot (P1 is Kano in 2-player game)
00CEAE:01 P1 is Shao Kahn

GameGenie Codes:
None known

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