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Story: "Third of the three prototype Cybernetic Ninja's, Smoke's unit designator was erased in a computer crash. Lost as he is to software control, no one can be sure that he will complete his ultimate programming, i.e., kill Sub-Zero. So, he is somewhat of a wild card in the tournament deck."
(GameBoy Version)

Moves: Teleport Uppercut: Towards, Towards + Kick
Invisibility: Up, Up + Punch (Again to reappear)
Spear: Away, Away, Punch
Finishers: Fatality - Bomb Explode: Up, Up, Towards, Down
Babality: Down, Down, Away, Away, Kick

Notes: 1: Play as Smoke:
  • Kombat Code: 192234
    2: Press Punch first before performing Smoke's fatality, so that he does not jump.
  • Combos: 1: (opponent in corner): Spear, RH, Spear, Repeat
    2: (mid-screen): Spear, wait 1-2 secs, Spear again, Repeat

    "Smoke was once a friend and ally of Sub-Zero when they both tried to escape from being turned into machines by their ninja clan. But, Smoke is captured and transformed into a a cyborg with a mission to find and kill his old partner."
    (GameGear version)


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