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Mortal Kombat II for the GameGear is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: September 9, 1994
Players: 1-2
VRC Rating: MA-17 (Mature Audiences)
Notes: N/A

Characters: 12 (8 regular, 2 secret, and 2 boss)
Finishers: 1 Fatality and 1 Stage Fatality per character (excluding the boss and secret characters)
Stages: 3 (The Kombat Tomb, The Pit 2, and Goro's Lair) - Pictures
Missing: 4 characters (Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Rayden, Baraka, and Noob Saibot)

Running: No
Pause: No - at any time
Credits: 7
Options: Yes - Can only change the difficulty level.
Secret Characters: Yes: 2 (are not playable)
Kombat Kodes: No
Code to play as Bosses: No
Random Stages: No - There is always a specific order
Character Fighting Order: Random

MKII Story:
500 years ago, the shapeshifter Shang Tsung was banished from the Outworld to the Mother Realm (Earth) for his crimes. There with the aid of his pupil Goro, a hideous half-human dragon, he was to atone for his crimes by unbalancing the furies of the realm, allowing his master Shao Kahn and his minions to enter the dominion and rule forever. He was defeated.

He returned to the Outworld a failure, facing execution at the hands of Shao Kahn, supreme ruler of the Outworld, the Astral Planes of Shokan and the surrounding kingdoms. With the apparent demise of Goro, his fate seemed sleaed.

But Tsung told Kahn of his plan for revenge, a plot so evil and twisted even Kahn was persuaded to grant him one final opportunity to redeem himself. He cleverly lured his adversaries to the bizarre Outworld where they would face a new challenge - a tournament by Shao Kahn himself.

Today, The Tournament Begins... Again!

Liu Kang Sub-Zero Kitana Reptile Shang Tsung Mileena Scorpion Jax

Regular Characters:
Liu Kang
Shang Tsung
Secret Characters:

Boss Characters:
Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn

Random Select: At the character select screan, highlight Liu Kang and press Up + Start.

Fight Jade In the last stage before the "?", win both matches WITHOUT ever pressing Punch. If done correctly, you'll be warped to Goro's lair to fight Jade!

Fight Smoke: First start off be performing uppercuts to every opponent. Keep repeating this process until a face (Dan Fordan) in the lower right corner of the screen pops up. As soon as you see this face, immediatly Hold DOWN and START. You should then warp to Goro's Lair to fight Smoke.

Fight Smoke & Jade Back-to-back: First off get to the match right before the ? (The Pit II). Now uppercut your opponent until Dan Fordan (the Face) pops up in the lower right corner. Once you see him, immediatly hold DOWN and START. You'll warp to Goro's lair to fight Smoke, like normal, but in the winning round, only kick Smoke to victory. After that you should stay where your at and Jade will be your next opponent.

GameGenie Codes:
00B B19 F79 -- Infinite energy
001 30A 082 + 3E1 31A C42 + 001 32A F7A -- View ending
3A4 026 2A2 -- Infinite credits
0?1 2CA F76 -- Replace the '?' with any number (0-9). That number will be the number of continues you'll have.
0B1 2CA F76 --- Start with 10 credits
101 2CA F76 -- Start with 15 credits
04B 7C6 C4E -- Start with 49 seconds
07B 7C6 C4E -- Start with 79 seconds
00B 7C6 C4E -- Start with 9 seconds
005 3F5 3BE -- Infinite time
32B A3E F77 -- Start with 3/4 energy--player 1
22B A3E F77 -- Start with 1/2 energy--player 1
12B A3E F77 -- Start with 1/4 energy--player 1
02B A3E F77 --- Start with very little energy--player 1
32B A6E F77 -- Start with 3/4 energy--player 2
22B A6E F77 -- Start with 1/2 energy--player 2
12B A6E F77 -- Start with 1/4 energy--player 2
02B A6E F77 -- Start with very little energy--player 2
006-4EF-D56 -- Flying kick does no damage
996-4EF-D56 -- Flying kick does mega damage
006-66F-A2E -- Uppercut does no damage
996-66F-A2E -- Uppercut does mega damage
006-1EF-E66 -- Crouching kick does no damage

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