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Story: "After losing control of the Shaolin Tournament and returning to the outworld in disgrace, the shapesshifter Shang Tsung promised his ruler, Shao Kahn, that he could still unbalance the furies and allow Kahn to take over the Earth. His plan was to lure the Earth warriors to compete in the outworld, and then win or lose, never to let them return. Convinced of this plan, Shao Kahn restored Tsung's youth."
(Instruction manual)

Moves: 1 Flaming Skull: Away, Away, Punch
2 Flaming Skulls: Away, Away, Towards, Punch
3 Flaming Skulls: Away, Away, Towards, Towards, Punch
Morphs: To morph into any fighter hold the Kick Button (button 2) to charge up. Then release it and immediately press one of the following D-Pad directions:
Liu Kang: LEFT
Reptile: UP/LEFT
Sub-Zero: RIGHT
Kitana: DOWN
Mileena: UP
Scorpion: DOWN/LEFT
Finishers: Fatality - Soul Sucker: Hold Block, press Up, Down, Up, Punch
Stage Fatality: DOES NOT WORK

Notes: 1: Performing Shang Tsung's fatality can be done anywhere, but afar.
2: Shang Tsung's (not morphed) Stage Fatality does not work.

"Shang Tsung not only turns against and defeats both Kintaro and Shao Kahn, he also takes over their rule of the Outworld. With Shao Kahn's armies at his command, he finally unbalances the furies, and weakens the dimensional gates between the Outworld and the Earth realm. Along with his elite group of sorcerers he uses this weakness to march a never ending horde of demons into the Earth and doom its inhabitants to eternal darkness. Have a nice day."
(GameGear Version)


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