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Mortal Kombat for the GameGear is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: September 13, 1993 ("Mortal Monday")
Players: 1-2
VRC Rating: MA-13 (Mature Audiences)
Notes: N/A

Characters: 8 (6 regular and 2 bosses)
Finishers: 1 Fatality per character (excluding bosses)
Stages: 2 (The Pit and Goro's Lair) - Pictures
Missing: 2 characters (Kano and Reptile)

Sonya Johnny Cage Liu Kang Scorpion Rayden Sub-Zero

Regular Characters:
Johnny Cage
Liu Kang
Shang Tsung
Boss Characters:
Shang Tsung

Blood Code: Press 2, 1, 2, Down, Up at one of the screens pictured below. If done correctly, the words, "Now Entering Kombat" will flash on the screen, and the blood and fatalities will be enabled.

GameGenie Codes:
063 7B4 C4E -- Each round is 69 seconds
023 7B4 C4E -- Each round is 29 seconds
00B 40C 3BE -- Infinite time
004 2D6 19E -- Infinite credits
DEB 9F6 5D3 -- Blood
003 48B F79 -- Player 1 is invincible
240 BFD C4B -- Player 1 starts with 1/2 health
240 C5D C4B -- Player 2 usually starts with 1/2 health
20B 06F F7A -- Punches do more damage
2CB 26F C42 -- Most kicks do more damage
30B 86F C42 -- Foot sweeps do more damage
30B 2EF D5A -- Flying punches do more damage
33B 56F A2E -- Uppercuts do more damage
2AF 237 D5A -- Throws do more damage
2BB 76F F7A -- Sonya Blade's leg grab does more damage
2BB 66F F7A -- Scorpion's harpoon does more damage
2BB 6EF F7A -- Rayden's flying thunderbolt does more damage
2BB 4EF D56 -- Johhny Cage's shadow kick does more damage
37B 36F D52 -- Some other special moves do more damage
01B C9A E6A -- Start on match 2
02B C9A E6A -- Start on match 3
03B C9A E6A -- Start on match 4
04B C9A E6A -- Start on match 5
05B C9A E6A -- Start on mirror match
06B C9A E6A -- Start on endurance match 1
07B C9A E6A -- Start on endurance match 2
08B C9A E6A -- Start on endurance match 3
09B C9A E6A -- Start on match against Goro
0AB C9A E6A -- Start on match against Shang Tsung
02B E1A F76 -- Start with 1 credit

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