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Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the Game.com is based on the console games of the same title.

Release Date: January 1, 1998
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: Teen (Animated Violence)
Notes: The people or company responsible for programming this game are unknown

Characters: 13 (9 playable, 2 secret, and 2 bosses)
Finishers: 1 Fatality, 1 Babality, 1 Brutality, and 1 Friendship per character
Stages: 10 (Dead Pool, The Street, Goro's Lair, Cyrax's Desert, Tomb, Altar, Cave of Souls, Portal, Palace, and The Bell Tower)
Missing: 23 characters (too many to list)

Reptile Mileena Night Wolf Kitana Raiden Jade Ermac Noob Saibot Rain Sektor Shao Kahn Motaro Cyrax
Default Characters:
Shao Kahn

Secret Characters:
Noob Saibot

Game Basics

"?" Menu: To activate the "?" box on the Options menu, press Up, C, D, B. This extra option allows one to enable one-button fatalities, instant aggressor, and low damage. If One-Button Fatalities have been enabled, the following buttons will perform the listed finishing moves:
Button A = Brutality, Button B = Fatality,
Button C = Friendship, Button D = Babality

Enable Ermac: At the Player Select screan, press B, C, B, B, D.

Enable Noob Saibot: At the Player Select screan, press D, D, C, D, B.

Glitches (some):

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