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Story: "Born of Kitana's former world of Edenia, Rain was smuggled away from the realm as a child shortly after Shao Kahn's takeover. Thousands of years later, he resurfaced. His allegiance belonging to Kahn, he chose to betray his homeland rather than suffer at the hands of Kahn's extermination Squads."
(Instruction manual)

Moves: Lightning: Away, Towards, Towards, Punch
Rain Shot: Down, Towards, Punch
Finishers: Fatality - Body Splitting: Towards, Towards, Towards, Down + Punch
Babality: Towards, Away, Away + Punch
Brutality: Towards, Towards, Towards/Down + Punch
Friendship - Rains: Away, Towards, Towards + Punch + Block

Notes: 1: Any of the finishing moves can be performed at any distance.
Combos: 1: 2 Hit: Lightning, Rain Shot
2: 2 Hit: Jumping High Kick into Rain Shot
3: 2+ Hit: Lightning, Lightning (keep repeating)


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