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Story: "As Earth's sworn protector, Rayden finds himself banished in the merger between Earth and Outworld. When the Elder Gods refuse to assist him in aiding the Earth, he is forced to take matters into his own hands. He transforms himself into a mortal warrior to fight alongside his human comrades - this time risking his place in the pantheon of gods and giving up his own immortality."
(Instruction manual)

Moves: Torpedo: Away, Away, Towards
Lightning: Rotate Down to Towards + Block
Finishers: Fatality - Electrical Shock Death: Towards, Towards, Towards, Down + Punch
Babality: Towards, Away, Away + Punch
Brutality: Towards, Towards, Towards/Down + Punch
Friendship - Kid Thunder: Away, Towards, Towards + Punch + Block

Notes: 1: Any of the finishing moves can be performed at any distance.
Combos: 1: 2 Hit: Lightning into Torpedo
1: 3 Hit: Jumping Low Kick, Lightning into Torpedo
1: 2+ Hit: (corner) Lightning, Jumping Low Kick (keep repeating)


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