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Story: "Noob Saibot emerges from the darkest region of reality - a region known as the Netherealm. He belongs to a group called the Brothers of the Shadow, and worships an evil and mysterious fallen Elder God. His mission is to spy on the events taking place in the battle between the realms and report back to his enigmatic leaders."
(Playstation Version)

Moves: Smoke Ball: Rotate Down to Towards + Block
Warp Punch: Towards, Towards, Punch
Finishers: Babality: Towards, Away, Away + Punch
Brutality: Towards, Towards, Towards/Down + Punch
Friendship - Bowling: Away, Towards, Towards + Punch + Block

Notes: 1: Any of the finishing moves can be performed at any distance.
2: Noob Saibot does not have a fatality. However, if the one-button fatalites code is entered and Noob Saibot performs it, he will raise his hands in the air and it will say 'FATALITY', but nothing happens to the victim.
3: To play as Noob Saibot, press D, D, C, D, B at the Player Select Screen. He is the right dragon symbol.
Combos: 1: 2 Hit: Smoke Ball into Warp Punch
2: 2+ Hit: Smoke Ball, Smoke Ball (keep repeating)
3: 2 Hit: Warp Punch into an uppercut


(Game.Com version)

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