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Mortal Kombat 3 for the GameBoy is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: October 13, 1995
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Mature (Realistic Blood and Gore, and Realistic Violence)
Notes: N/A

Characters: 10 (8 playable, 1 secret, and 1 boss)
Finishers: 1 Fatality and 1 Babality per character (excluding boss)
Stages: 5 (Pit 3, Bridge, Subway, Temple, and Bell Tower) - Pictures
Missing: 8 characters from the Arcade version (Jax, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Stryker, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, Motaro, and Noob Saibot)

Unused Content
• Friendships were planned for this game. There are special move control inputs to perform them, and there is text to display "Friendship". But there are no additional Friendship graphic or character animations.
• There are various unused character frames such as pre-jump frames, a second falling sprite for Sheeva, and Shao Kahn moves. The latest images are here: http://tcrf.net/Mortal_Kombat_3_%28Game_Boy%29

• This is the only game out of the entire GameBoy and GB Color library to be rated "M" for "MATURE" by the ESRB.
• The back of the box shows an earlier version where Sonya's powerbar is labled "Blade" (her last name) instead.
• Sub-Zero is missing his running animation (he just walks fast).
• The box says "bi-level battlefield", but you can only smash up, not down.

Regular Characters:
Kano Sonya Cyrax
Secret Characters:

Boss Characters:
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn

Mercy's: It was long thought that Mercy's were not in GameBoy MK3. The text strings "Mercy" and "Friendship" are in the ROM (which can be viewed with a hex editor like WinHex), but no one saw them or performed them. The correct way to perform Mercy's was discovered by looking at the source code of the game's ROM.

How to perform Mercy's: Each character is the same. You must be on the 3rd round. When "Finish Him" or "Her" appears, hold PUNCH and press DOWN four times. "Mercy" will appear on the screen and your defeated opponent will come back to life with a small portion of lifebar restored.

As for the "Friendships" it has been confirmed that they are NOT in the game, although the text remains left over in the program code. See tcrf.net for more games with programming left overs.

Babalities: To perform Babalities you must NOT press BLOCK in the winning round that you wish to perform the Babality. If you press BLOCK the Babality finishing move will not occur.

Kombat Codes: After the Versus screen, and before matches, is the Kombat Code screen. The row of six boxes all contain a set of ten icons, which if arranged in particular sequences will activate codes. If a valid code has been entered, the name of the code will be displayed afterwards. With the exception of the "Smoke Enabled" code, each code's effect only lasts for one match. The Kombat Code screen will not appear before the final battle against Shao Kahn, thus, Kombat codes cannot be used for that match.

Use the directional pad to move the highlighter to the desired box, and press Up and Down to change the icons. The numeric codes below represent the number of times each box must be pressed Up to achieve that particular code.

= 0

= 1

= 2

= 3

= 4

= 5

= 6

= 7

= 8

= 9

192234 - Smoke Enabled
205205 - Fight Smoke
100100 - Throwing Disabled
020020 - Blocking Disabled
688422 - Dark Kombat
985125 - Psycho Kombat
460460 - Randper Kombat
987123 - No PowerBars
001001 - Unlimited Run
033000 - Player 1 Half Power
000033 - Player 2 Half Power
707000 - Player 1 Quarter Power
000707 - Player 2 Quarter Power
282282 - "NO FEAR"

Reset Game: Hold Button B + Button A + Start Button + Select Button

More Credits: To get more credits press up a couple times at the choose your Destiny screen! You can have a max of 5 credits!

Random Select: At the character select screen, hold Up and press Start on Sindel, and the computer will randomly choose your character. Note that even if Smoke has been enabled, he will never be chosen.

More Finishing Time
To extend the duration of time to finish an opponent during the finishing time, perform a special move that catches, freezes, or stuns opponents. Each time one of these moves are performed, it resets the time. Thus, as much time as desired can be given. Cyrax's Fatality
While playing as Cyrax, during finishing time, perform his Bomb Drop move so that the bomb will connect with his opponent. Then, immediately execute his Fatality. If done correctly, Cyrax will shred his opponent, but the finishing time will continue. He can then move around and practice moves as long as he does not attack his opponent's shreds. When he jumps, the shreds will reform and then fall back down again as he does. Once he injures the shreds, the match will end and "FATALITY" will be displayed. Another way to end the match is by performing his Babality, which will be declared a "FATALITY" instead. Off The Stage
While playing as Sektor or Smoke, when the opponent performs a projectile move, quickly perform a Teleport Uppercut. If the projectile connects while beginning the Teleport Uppercut move, they be knocked out of the Teleport Uppercut move, and will be on the bottom of the screen! From there, they will be able to move and fight their opponent, but their opponent will not be able to attack them. To come back up to the stage, simply Jump or perform their Teleport Uppercut move again. This glitch takes precise timing to properly execute.
Fatality Shao Kahn
Normally, finishing moves cannot be performed on Shao Kahn because he is a boss character; but if a GameShark is used to play as him, they can. Simply lose to an opponent and occasionally they will perform their Fatality on him! This can crash the game.
During finishing time, perform Sindel's Scream move twice to resurrect her opponent. This will cause her to become incapacitated for about a second. Her opponent will not have any life displayed in their Powerbar. Since it still counts as finishing time, she will be able to perform either finishing move on her living opponent, but she will not be able to perform her Fly move.
Off The Screen
Normally, the characters cannot move off the screen (with the exception of certain special moves), but there are some ways to get around that. Note that the sides of the stages cannot be left.
• With Sindel, perform her Fly move, then fly back against the screen.
• With Shao Kahn, simply jump back continuously.
No Sprite Collision
With Sindel, perform her Fly move, then fly into her opponent as low as possible. Sometimes she will go through them and they will not be able to hit her.
Stuck Mid-Air
• While in the air, either playing as or mimicking Sindel, execute her Fly move's input controls to get stuck.
• While either playing as Shao Kahn or mimicking him, press Block while in the air with and adjacent to his opponent to get stuck.


SINDEL GLITCHES 1: During Fatality time quickly perform two Wave Screams. As soon as the second Wave Scream is done, your opponent will come back to life. But beware, your opponent can fight and actually end up winning the match/round. 2: While in the air (jumping or falling), perform her Flying move to get stuck. 3: You can move off screen by performing her flying move and then flying against the edges of the screen.

SEKTOR GLITCHES 1. Have your oppoent throw his/her projectile move at you and then perform Sektor's teleport uppercut move just in time for when you will be hit. Once hit (and if timed correctly), you will be stuck in the ground and your opponent will not be able to hit you, unless he/she throws out their projectile again. This is useful because you can hurt him/her, and they cannot do anything about it.

CYRAX GLITCHES 1: After it says finish him/her, drop a bomb from close range (Or a Far bomb from Mid Range) and immediately perform Cyrax's Helicopter Fatality. After Cyrax shreads them up, you can freely walk around as long as you do not hit the shreds. Whatever move you do next, such as a Babality, it well count as a Fatality. This glitch is easier to pull off if you get a Flawless Victory. 2: Cyrax's net never catches Kabal for some reason. The only way you can get Kabal in the net is if he is jumping (in the air).

Smoke GLITCHES 1: Have your oppoent throw his/her projectile move at you and then perform Smoke's teleport uppercut move just in time for when you will be hit. Once hit (and if timed correctly), you will be stuck in the ground and your opponent will not be able to hit you, unless he/she throws out their projectile again. This is useful because you can hurt him/her, and they cannot do anything about it.

Shao kahn GLITCHES 1: While playing as Kahn with the gameshark, make sure your opponent doesn't throw you! If he/she does, the game will freeze. 2: To jump off the screan, keep jumping backwards until you make it.

Cheat Devices:
GameShark Codes:
0109DFC0 - Unlimited Time
0103DBD4 - Player 1 Infinite Lives
01FF14CD - Player 1 Infinite Health
010014CD - Player 1 No Health
01FF54CD - Player 2 Infinite Health
010054CD - Player 2 No Health
0109CED4 - Player 1 is Shao Kahn
0104CED4 - Player 1 is Smoke
010167CD - Player 2 can't move/fight
010*A4C0 - Tournament Tower Position Modifier (Replace '?' with any number (0-8) if on MASTER)
010*00CD - Mimic Anyone (moves and controls). (Replace the * with... 0 = Sindel, 1 = Sektor, 2 = Kabal, 3 = Sheeva, 4 = Smoke, 5 = Sub-Zero, 6 = Kano, 7 = Sonya, 8 = Cyrax, 9 = Shao Kahn)
GameGenie Codes:
F7F-FDA-000 - Enables Smoke without Kombat Kode.

Mercies: On GameGenie enter: 124-C2A-E6E + DCA-C5E-456 + A7E-6DD-C4B.
Every time you throw a projectile (fireball or whatever), it starts the round over again, but everyone has the same amount of life left. You have to do this at least 2 times each round. You have to play for 3 rounds and never press Block. When it says finish Him/Her throw another projectile and hit your opponent twice more to kill them. If you did it correctly it should say "Mercy". Then your opponent comes back to life. (This does not work against Sonya.)

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