Portable Mortal Kombat
MK3 GameBoy Game Basics

  • All moves can only be executed while the character is on the ground unless otherwise noted.
  • While inputting the controls for special moves, no other buttons can be pressed or held, or the move will not occur.
  • With the exception Shao Kahn, each character has the same set of regular moves. Which moves Shao Kahn can perform are listed in his page.

    "Up", "Down", "Towards", and "Away" all refer to directions on the Directional Pad. "Towards" and "Away" are either Left or Right on the Directional Pad; which one it is depends on which one will move the player either towards or away from their opponent.

    There are four ways that moves are executed: ",", "+", "Rotate", and "Hold". With the exception of "Hold" moves, if too much time passes between pressing the sequence of buttons, the move will not work.
    Example: Down, Away, "B" button
    Description: First, press and release Down, then press and release Away, and finally, press the "B" button.
    Example: Down, Away + "B" button
    Description: First, press and release Down, then press Away and the "B" button at the same time.
    Example: Rotate Down to Towards + "B button
    Description: Rotate, or "roll" the Directional Pad in one easy, fluid motion from Down to Towards, immediately pressing the "B" button when Towards is reached.
    Example: Hold "B" button 2 seconds, release
    Description: Press down and hold the "B" button for at least two seconds, then release it.

    Standing Moves:
    "B" button
    "A" button
    Towards + "A" button
    Hold "B" button 1 second, release.
    Notes: This can only be performed while adjacent to the opponent. This cannot be performed against Shao Kahn.
    Towards + "B" + "A" buttons
    Notes: When the input is executed, a Roundhouse will often be performed before Running. This glitch cannot be avoided.
    "Start" button

    Crouching Moves:
    Down + "B" button
    Down + Towards + "B" button
    Down + "A" button
    Away + "A" button
    Down + "Start" button

    Aerial Moves:
    Jump Punch:
    Up + "B" button
    Jump Kick:
    Up + "A" button

    Special Moves:
    Each character has their own unique set of "special" moves.
  • All moves can only be performed one at a time unless otherwise noted.
  • Some moves will not work against Shao Kahn. All moves like that are noted.
  • Some moves are hard to perform, and require their input controls to be executed numerous times to perform them. All moves like that are noted.

    Finishing Moves:
    If a second round is won, and the Timer was not depleted before the loser's Powerbar, "FINISH [HIM/HER]!" will be displayed, and the winner will have about eight seconds to perform a finishing move, or "finisher". This small period of time is known as "finishing time"; it is the only time that finishers can be performed. Each character has two finishers: a Babality and a Fatality. If the loser is attacked, the finishing time will end. There is no option to perform finishers in the final battle against Shao Kahn.
  • Babality: The victor transforms their opponent into a baby version of themselves. Note that if a Block is performed in the round which the victor wishes to perform the Babality, the Babality will not occur.
  • Fatality: The winner finishes off their opponent in a brutal and/or gruesome way. Note that some Fatalities require the performer to be a certain distance away from their opponent; Fatalities like that are noted.

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