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Mortal Kombat for the GameBoy is based on the Arcade game of the same title.

Release Date: September 13, 1993 ("Mortal Monday")
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: N/A
Notes: N/A

Characters: 8 (6 playable and 2 bosses)
Finishers: 1 Fatality per character (excluding the bosses)
Stages: 3 (The Pit, Courtyard, and Goro's Lair) - Pictures
Missing: 2 characters (Johnny Cage and Reptile)

Kano Rayden Liu Kang Scorpion Sub-Zero Sonya

Regular Characters:
Liu Kang
Shang Tsung
Boss Characters:
Shang Tsung

Play As Goro: After beating Shang Tsung, as the credits roll by wait for the words "The End" to appear. Once they do, immediatly press and hold UP + LEFT + SELECT + A. Keep holding these buttons down until the words "Goro lives on... AS YOU" appear. If you recieved a high score, release the buttons and enter your initials (it should later say "Goro lives on... AS YOU"). As Goro, do not lose a fight or you will lose control of him. Once the code has been entered, certain text will change (as listed below).
Kano ........= Bob
Rayden ......= Eric
Liu Kang ....= Carl
Sonya .......= Fergus
Scorpion ....= Peter
Sub-Zero ....= Gary
Shang Tsung .= Eddy
Battle Plan .= Brittle Plum

Johnny Cage: Is Johnny Cage in the game? You can fight him by using this GameShark code: 011040D6. Or you can use the GameShark code: 010785D6 to play as him.
HERE is a page on this mystery.

GameGenie Codes:
00C-B5E-3BE -- Infinite time
005-94C-B31 -- Player 1 is invincible
002-96D-B31 -- Infinite continues
12C-D6F-141 -- Sometimes opponent will do nothing
012-BCC-BCC -- Harder game
109-C7C-E6F -- Foot sweep does less damage
FF9-C7C-E6F -- Foot sweep does more damage
109-AFC-6EE -- Punches do less damage
FF9-AFC-6EE -- Punches do more damage
109-BFC-E6F -- Knees do less damage
FF9-BFC-E6F -- Knees do more damage
109-A7C-E60 -- Uppercuts do less damage
FF9-A7C-E60 -- Uppercuts do more damage
109-CFC-E6F -- Kicks to stomach do less damage
FF9-CFC-E6F -- Kicks to stomach do more damage
109-B7C-6E3 -- Kicks to face do less damage
FF9-B7C-6E3 -- Kicks to face do more damage
10A-17C-E6F -- Shoulder throws do less damage
FFA-17C-E6F -- Shoulder throws do more damage
10A-07C-A2F -- Sub-Zero's slide does less damage
FFA-07C-A2F -- Sub-Zero's slide does more damage
10A-27C-6EF -- Sonya's leg grab does less damage
FFA-27C-6EF -- Sonya's leg grab does more damage
10A-1FC-6EF -- Kano's cannonball does less damage
FFA-1FC-6EF -- Kano's cannonball does more damage
10A-5FC-7F5 -- Rayden's lightning does less damage
FFA-5FC-7F5 -- Rayden's lightning does more damage
BC5-6ED-111 -- After every round points get rounded up to higher number
0*0-14B-F72 -- Replace "*" with any number. That number will be the number of continues you will have.
C68-35F-24E -- Play as Goro
C68-31F-24E -- Play as Shang Tsung

GameShark Codes:
01061DD6 -- Play as Goro
01071DD6 -- Play as Shang Tsung
01081DD6 -- Play as Matches
01091DD6 -- Play as Pairs
010A1DD6 -- Play as Match
010B1DD6 -- Play as Mirrior
010C1DD6 -- Play as Battle Pl
010A40D6 -- Fight Shang Tsung
010940D6 -- Fight Goro
011040D6 -- Fight Cage
010*40D6 -- Tournament Tower Position Modifier (replace * with any number)
010085D6 -- Play as Cage
010785D6 -- Play as Goro (Another way)
010885D6 -- Play as Shang Tsung (Another way)
010127D6 -- Unlimited time
010132D6 -- Play as Goro (changes character names too)
01**29D6 -- Consecutive wins Modifier (replace *'s with any number)
01012BD6 -- Fatalities mid-round (lets you perform fatalities on bosses)

Action Replay Codes:
01637fd6 -- Infinite Time

Play As Smoke?: This code is a fake and does NOT work! It was rumored (from many websites), that you could unlock Human Smoke and play as him. How could this even be? Human Smoke did not show up until MKII. And the code to do it (shown below) says you will hear "Toasty", which was first heard in MKII, not MK1.
The Code: "At the title screen press Up, Up, Left, Right, A, B, A, B, Up, Down, Up. If done correctly, you should hear "Toasty" Now pick Raiden, and Smoke will be at your control."

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