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Is Johnny Cage in MK1/GB??? He's in the Game Gear version, but isn't 100% in the Game Boy Version. The MK krew must have thought about having Cage in the GB version, but later decided to take him out. If you use the gameshark code: 011040D6, then you'll be able to fight against him. Or if you use the gameshark code: 010785D6 to play as him. He isn't 100% in the game mainly because he's using Sonya's spirits, doesn't have a finisher, and doesn't have his split punch or shadow kick.

The pictures above prove that it is Johnny Cage because...
-It says "Cage" in the lifebar
-It says "Finish Him" and not "Finish Her"
-He doesn't perform any of Sonya's moves
-He uses a different fireball that isn't Sonya's

Fireball: The fireball only comes out to sweep distance range. His fireball is also identical to that of Shang Tsung's fireball.

1: Cage doesn't have his split punch, shadow kick, or finisher.