Portable Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - GameBoy Advance


Story: "Kung Lao was the first to find the body of his friend and fellow Shaolin monk Liu Kang. He later discovered that it was in fact Shang Tsung who had dealt the blow. Kung Lao knew that his training was not enough to defeat the Sorcerer. He would need training from the Outworld master who taught Liu Kang to beat Shang Tsung so many years ago."
(GameBoy Advance version)
Status: Shaolin Monk
Alignment: Good
Origin: Earthrealm
Weight: 175 lbs.
Height: 5'10"
Fight Styles: Praying Mantis / Shaolin Fist
Weapon: Broadsword

Moves: Head Slam: Down, Towards + B
Hat Throw: Away, Towards + B
Flying Kicks: Down, Up + A
Weapon Attack 1: Away, Towards + A
Weapon Attack 2: Down, Away + B
Throw: Towards, Towards + A + B
Finishers: Fatality - Splitting Headache: Towards, Away + B

Notes: None
Combos: None

"Rage fueled Kung Lao's thirst for revenge. The memory of holding his fellow monk's broken body on the Lei Tai of the Wu Shi Academy grounds consumed him as he rained blow after blow down upon Shang Tsung. Kung Lao had finally mastered the attack Bo 'Rai Cho had taught him. The sorcerer could not withstand his whirlwind assault. Shang Tsung begged for mercy... Kung Lao granted him none." "Upon his return to Earthrealm, Kung Lao stood before the modest shrine to Liu Kang which had been erected by the Wu Shi initiates during his absense in Outworld. He lit a stick of incense and placed it among the others already burning there. He bowed his head and prayed for safe passage to the afterlife of his friend and brother. With Shang Tsung's death, Liu Kang's spirit could finally rest peacefully. Earthrealm was safe once more, but at a terrible cost. The work of the White Lotus Society had become more important than ever."


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