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Mortal Kombat Advance for the GameBoy Advance is based on the Super NES/Genesis version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Release Date: December 12, 2001
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: Mature (Blood and Gore, and Violence)
Notes: N/A

Characters: 26 (23 playable, 1 secret, and 2 bosses)
Missing Characters: 1 (Sheeva)
Backgrounds: 7 (Hell, Kahn's Cave, Rooftop, Soul Chamber, Pit III, Bank, and Street) - Pictures
Finishing Moves: 1 Fatality and 1 Friendship per character
Running: Yes - unlimited
Pause: Yes - at any time.
Credits: Unlimited
Options: Yes - can change difficulty level, Blood (on/off), Fatalities (on/off), contrast, and Handicap.
Secret Characters: Yes - 1 (can play as, but cannot fight against him)
Kombat Kodes: None
Code to play as Boss: Yes - for both Motaro and Shao Kahn
Random Backgrounds: Yes
Character Fighting Order: There is always a specific order

Rain Reptile Stryker Jax Night Wolf Jade Noob Saibot Sonya Kano Mileena Ermac Classic Sub-Zero Sub-Zero Kung Lao Sektor Kitana Scorpion Cyrax Kabal Sindel Smoke Liu Kang Shang Tsung
Secret Characters:
Boss Characters:
Human Smoke
Human Smoke
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn

Play As Human Smoke: Beat the "Warrior" tower. Start a new game and Human Smoke will be activated where the dragon symbol is.

Play As Motaro: Beat the "Master" tower. Start a new game and Motaro will be activated where the dragon symbol is.

Play As Shao Kahn: Beat the "Grand Master" tower. Start a new game and Shao Kahn will be activated where the dragon symbol is.

Easy Wins: Continuously jump kick the computer opponent for an easy win.

Delayed Finishers: Finishers can be performed even after the defeated opponent has fallen. But they must be performed before the character's name appears on the screen declaring their victory.

No Sprite Collision: Often after hitting the computer opponent (usually with an Uppercut or Roundhouse), they will retreat. When this happens, follow them into the corner. When they are in the corner, they will keep trying to walk away, and they cannot be hit.

GameShark Codes:
E04781760695C02F -- Must Be On [Master Code]
04A0306F69437212 -- Player 1 infinite health
3B423983DA076CD1 -- Player 1 no health
F7352535744CBB61 -- Player 2 infinite health
818E049E07AABE94 -- Player 2 no health
9509A12EA88D5377 -- Infinite time
B600DF11300905F3 -- Player 1 one win needed (turn off after win)
4FCD0F67508D02F8 -- Player 1 never win
D5723EEE341AA978 -- Player 2 one win needed (turn off after win)
CBE9AAEB758C6DC5 -- Player 2 never win
3D2B558A448309B1 -- Unlock Motaro (Only use one at a time)
2FAB30F85DE59960 -- Unlock Shao Kahn (Only use one at a time)

CodeBreaker Codes:
(Note that these only work for Code Breaker GBA 1.1 version or higher)
958355FC 10B5 -- Enable Code (Must Be On)
CD88D6C8 F094
8B64F368 BDB1
74B988B5 5662 -- Infinite Health P1
34B98095 D2D0 -- 1-Hit Death P1
C69D51B0 11E2
449D58B0 50E2 -- No Health P1
458958A4 50A0 -- Infinite Health P2
05895084 D412 -- 1-Hit Death P2
F7AD81A1 1720
75AD88A1 5620 -- No Health P2
3F66AF87 3F14 -- Infinite Time
349D1890 5266 -- P1 Needs 1 Win To Win
749D18B0 5362
F69D11B0 1262 -- P1 Never Wins
01ADC8C9 D4A5 -- P2 Needs 1 Win To Win
41ADC8E9 D5A1
C3ADC1E9 94A1 -- P2 Never Wins
79AE1888 4677 -- P1 Always Human Smoke
49AA5888 44F7 -- P1 Always Motaro
CBAA5188 05F7 -- P1 Always Shao Kahn
778D19A0 1320 -- Hidden Character Always Human Smoke
FD8F16A0 7200 -- Hidden Character Always Motaro
7F8F1FA0 3300 -- Hidden Character Always Shao Kahn

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