Portable Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Advance - GameBoy Advance


Story: "The ninja returns- unmasked. Betrayed by his own clan, the Lin Kuei, he broke sacred codes of honor by leaving his clan and is marked for death. But unlike the ninja of old, his pursuers comes as machines. He must not only defend himself against the Outworld menace, but he must also elude his soulless assassins."
(Arcade Version)

Moves: Freeze: Down, Towards, Punch
Ice Shower: Away, Down, Towards, Punch
Slide: Away + Block + Punch + Kick
Finishers: Fatality - Body Breaker: Block, Block, Run, Block, Run
Friendship - Snowman: Kick, Run, Run, Up

Notes: None
Combos: 1: 6 Hits: Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick, Away + Kick

"Having been killed in the first tournament Sub-Zero somehow seems to have emerged to win the third tournament. However, upon removing his mask both the outworld and the Earth born warriors... are shocked to discover the true identity of this warrior. A warrior who has long been missing from a previous Mortal Kombat, and one who will return in the fourth tournament."
(GameBoy Advance Version)



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