Portable Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Advance - GameBoy Advance


Story: "Sonya disappears in the first tournament, but is later rescued by Jax. After returning to Earth, she and Jax try to warn the U.S government of the looming Outworld menace. Lacking proof, they watch helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion."
(Arcade Version)

Moves: Ring Toss: Down, Towards, Punch
Square Wave Punch: Towards, Away, Punch
Upward Bicycle Kick: Away, Away, Down, Kick
Finishers: Fatality - Purple Haze: Block, Towards, Down, Down, Run
Friendship - Arm Waving: Away, Towards, Away, Down, Run

Notes: None
Combos: 1: 5 Hits: Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick, Away + Kick
2: 4 Hits: Punch, Punch, Down + Punch, Down + Punch

"Sonya defeats her arch enemy Kano high atop a skyscraper near Shao Kahn's fortress. She then comes face to face with the emperor himself. In an incredible display of courage, Sonya wins. When the world returns to its normal state, Sonya has no trouble convincing her superiors to form the Outerworld Investigation Agency devoted to protecting the Earth against possible future invasions from other realms."
(GameBoy Advance Version)



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