Portable Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Advance - GameBoy Advance


Story: "In failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld invasion, Jax prepares to covertly for the future battle with Kahn's minions. He fits both arms with indestructible bionic implants. This is a war Jax is prepared to win."
(Arcade Version)

Moves: 1 Missile: Away, Towards, Punch
2 Missiles: Towards, Towards, Away, Away, Punch
Dash Punch: Towards, Towards, Kick
Ground Pound: Kick, Kick, Kick
Backbreaker: Block in the air next to opponent
Finishers: Fatality - Giant Stomp: Run, Block, Run, Run, Kick
Friendship - Jump Rope: Kick, Run, Run, Kick

Notes: None
Combos: 1: 3 Hits: Kick, Kick, Away + Kick
2: 7 Hits: Kick, Kick, Punch, Punch, Block, Punch, Down + Punch

"The second time Jax battles the forces of Shao Kahn, he comes prepared. Thought to be the strongest man on Earth has no problem proving it first by beating Kahn's armies, then by defeating the emperor himself. When the world reverts back to normal, Jax and Sonya start the OuterWorld Investigation Agency. Jax runs the exploratory division which learns to open portals through science rather than magic. He leads the first expedition into a mysterious new realm."
(GameBoy Advance Version)



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